Recently, cross-cutting projects that will take place at the eave of the advanced Centre for chronic diseases were selected (ACCDiS ) all 2019. After a significant share of all lines of research, the external evaluators chose two of the proposed participants as the chosen of this call.

On the one hand, was selected the proposal "Peptidomimetic of angiotensin-(1-9) for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases", researchers ACCDiS Francisco Morales Zavala, Monica Villa, Agustín Núñez, Yvo flowers, Aldo Red, Larisa German, Nicole de Gregorio, Jaime Riquelme, Valentina Parra, Mario Chiong, Lorena Garcia, María Paz Ocaranza, Pablo Castro, Marcelo Kogan and Sergio Lavandero.

This proposal seeks to develop a molecule peptidomimetica of angiotensin 1-9 that collaborate in the treatment of cardiac damage before a heart attack, among other cardiovascular diseases.

The other selected proposal was "Carotid intima-media thickness distribution and predictive capacity of cardiovascular events in" MAUCO participants", submitted by Jenny Ruedlinger, Andrea Huidobro, PIA Venegas, Vanessa Van De Wyngard, Fabio walls, Claudia Bambs, Mario Chiong and Luigi Gabrielli.

This project seeks to relate the thickness intima-media carotid and the presence of carotid plaque with traditional cardiovascular risk factors - hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, smoking and obesity- and assess their potential role as predictor of cardiovascular events in our population. To this end they will work with participants in the cohort MAUCO, research study of population base seeking to learn about the natural history and the protective factors and risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, developed in the commune of Molina, Maule region.

On behalf of ACCDiS congratulate the participants in selected projects and, now, our researchers are invited to prepare for the competition to grow during the second half of the year.