Preclinical studies Center (CEP)

Unit dependent ACCDiS and extended to the whole University community. It is located at the Faculty of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the University of Chile and its objective is to provide support both to the different lines of research of ACCDiS as to external researchers.

The CEP team is composed of professionals and technicians with experience in research, capable of providing direct support in it, Thanks to its two research units

Unit responsible for the care and use of scientific research murine models. The team is composed of a veterinarian and a bioterista. UMA supports research from the Foundation promoting ethics in animal use and well-being, controlling from start to finish each of the experiments that are conducted.

Currently the unit has a conventional accommodation room, approved by the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical U. Chile and a procedure room.

This unit includes:

– Care of animal models and conventional accommodation room

Enables the lodging of mice with a strict control of variables macro and micro-environmental. Daily care and accommodation service accompanies the researcher in all aspects during the development of an experiment. The hosting service also offers the following:

  • Accommodation in metabolic cages (24 hours)
  • Individual identification (eartag, earpunch, dyes)
  • Genotyping
  • Weighing (animal, food, etc.)
  • Administration of substances (p.o., i.p., e.v.)
  • ipTTG and measurement of blood metabolites
  • Diets according to requirement management (HFD Research Diet 60% available and diet paired control Research Diet)
  • Daily training according to requirement (treadmill, measurement of PA, conscious echocardiography, etc.)


– Procedures room

This room is intended for the realization of greater complexity in animal surgical and non-surgical procedures. It boasts latest equipment to support the requirements of the research.

Available equipment and routine procedures:

  • Surgical table with mechanical ventilation
  • Inhalation anesthesia (supplements)
  • Trinocular and moving light Magnifier
  • Ultrasound, with or without anesthesia. Echocardiograms are routinely performed to estimate cardiac functionality. This service has the option to be made portable so
  • System for non-invasive measurement of blood pressure (System NIBP Harvard Apparatus)
  • Treadmill (6 lanes for mouse, 3 rat; adjustable inclination)



The Facility of histology of the Center advanced chronic diseases provides a variety of services in histopathology for the network of researchers and scientists that make up the Research Center, In addition to being open to the scientific community and academic interested in purchasing our services.

The benefits that gives this unit are as follows:

  • Fixation of cells, tissues and organs.
  • Processing of specimens for histology.
  • Inclusion in paraffin blocks.
  • Cutting of blocks.
  • Preparation of hematoxylin-eosin staining.
  • Realization of special stains and Histochemical.
  • Standardization and realization techniques of Immunohistochemistry chromogenic (IHC) e fluorescent Immunohistochemistry (IF)
  • Preparation of liquid samples and extended cytological.
  • Sample preparation for cell block.
  • Assistance in the development of specific protocols according to needs of study.
  • Acquisition of images of prepared histological.

The Histology Facility has the following histological stains available:

  • Hematoxylin and eosin staining
  • Tolouidina blue staining
  • Giemsa stain
  • Gram staining (Microorganisms)
  • Histochemical stain Alcian Blue (acidic mucins)
  • Histochemical stain Alcian Blue-PAS (acidic and neutral mucins)
  • Histochemical staining PAS (neutral mucins, glycoproteins)
  • Histochemical staining Oil Red (lipids)
  • Red Congo Histochemical Staining (amyloid)
  • Stain Orcein (elastic fibers)
  • Masson trichrome staining (Collagen fibers)
  • Trichrome staining Van Gieson (Collagen fibers)
  • Silver Methenamine silver impregnation (reticular fibers)

This unit has the following equipment:

  • H and C Arcadia Centre include Arcadia Leica.
  • RM2125RTS Leica microtome.
  • Leica HI1210 cuts flotation bath.
  • Light LeicaDM500 optical microscope equipped with Leica ICC50W digital camera.
  • Esco Frontier EFB-4A8 gas extraction hood.
  • For Antigen retrieval pressure cooker