Radio interviews

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Vicente Torres How cancer metastasizes and how cancer cells are able to invade other tissues?
Felipe Oyarzun Molecules found in fruits and vegetables help to treat various diseases
Jenny Ruedlinger How and why does the consumption of jerky hurt us?
Matias Monsalves Why is physical activity so important in children, girls and young people?
Alejandro Corvalan Gastric cancer in Chile
Claudia Bambs How alcohol and cigarettes affect our lives?
Rodrigo Troncoso Exercise and good nutrition
Roberto Bravo Aging in Chile
Sergio Lavandero It's time to prevent chronic diseases!
Claudia Foerster Foodborne illnesses do not only cause gastroenteritis
Lorena Lobos New studies on breast cancer
Valentina Parra How does the consumption of different foods impact on the development of chronic diseases?
Valentina Parra (Equally wise) Participation of women in science
Marcelo Kogan How non-technology and natural products serve for the treatment of chronic diseases?
Mario Chiong Myths and truths about COVID-19
Pablo Toro Neuropsychiatric aspects of COVID19
Francisco Aguayo Human papillomavirus
Javier Morales Nanomedicine and chronic diseases
Lisette Leyton Helicobacter pylori
Mariana Cifuentes Myths and truths about obesity
Rafael araos Relationship between antibiotics and resistant bacteria
Benjamin Garcia Test for the diagnosis and prevention of gastric cancer
Andrea Huidobro What is hantavirus?
Dennise Bravo It's time to prevent cancer!
María Paz Ocaranza Secondary damage from poorly treated hypertension
Soledad Bollo Safe use of medicines
Sandra Córtes Recommendations for workers and employers in pandemic
Gonzalo Martínez New treatment alternatives for heart attacks
Keila Torres What are the factors that affect the development of gastric cancer?
Pablo Castro COVID19 and its relationship to cardiovascular disease
Hugo Verdejo What is heart failure, identification of alarm symptoms and importance of preventing it?
Francisco Aguayo Impact of cigarettes on disease progression in HPV-infected patients
Mariana Cifuentes What does it mean to be a healthy obese or a sick obese?
Alejandra Hernandez Fatty liver and how lifestyles influence the development of this silent disease
Sergio Lavandero Cardiac hypertension