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Two principal investigators ACCDiS receiving the award Academy of medicine 2014

The Dra. Catterina Ferreccio and Dr. Alejandro Corvalan, both main researchers of the Centre FONDAP ACCDIS and belonging to the Catholic University, they will receive the prize, the Academy of medicine 2014, that is given to medical that have developed a sustained and outstanding career in medicine and research.

The award ceremony be held the day Wednesday, April 01, 2015 at offices of the Corporation.

Researcher main ACCDiS, Dr. Andrew Quest is named editor of the Biochemical Journal

In February 2015 Dr. Andrew Quest, researcher from the University of Chile ACCDiS, He was appointed editor of the BiochemicalJournal, one of the magazines of major biological sciences of the world in the publication of high-quality scientific research, dedicates itself to the development of all fields of Biochemistry, the cellular and Molecular Biology and is owned by BiochemicalSociety.