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Explora Regional Associative Project Explora Northern Metropolitan Region (Explora RMN)

Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Funds

The Explora Regional Associative Project Northern Metropolitan Region, of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, is led and executed by the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDiS ), through the University of Chile and its Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This project was first awarded for the periods 2019 to 2022 and was repostulated and awarded for a second period 2023-2024.

First award period 2019-2022

During the first period 2019-2022 the project aimed to “generate, stimulate and maintain the development of a scientific-technological culture in the school community, through a network of multidisciplinary collaborators belonging to public and private organizations, as well as to stimulate the appreciation of science at the level of citizenship through effective communication between the scientific-technological world and the general population” under the slogan “Science belongs to everyone, dare to live it”.

During the first four years of execution, the project had a positive impact on more than 7,800 students, 200 teachers in the aforementioned municipalities, more than 60 educational establishments and 21,000 members of the community in general, through its initiatives – Inquiry Program for Early Ages (PIPE), School Scientific Research and Innovation, Open Science, Regional Activity, School Congress, Camp for Teachers and Science Festival.

Second award period 2023-2024

In its second award period 2023-2024, the project’s objective is to “Strengthen ICT competencies in educational communities through the planning, implementation and socialization of activities in public and subsidized establishments with higher vulnerability indexes, considering the principles of inclusion, cultural diversity and gender equity, decentralization, effective communication and sustainability”.

From 2023 to 2024 PAR RM Norte will work with educational communities belonging to 20 communes of the RM: Cerro Navia, Hill, Conchalí, Curacaví, Huechuraba, Independencia, Lampa, The Countess, Lo Barnechea, Lo Prado, María Pinto, Padre Hurtado, Providence, Pudahuel, Quilicura, Quinta Normal, Recoleta, Renca, Tiltil, Vitacura.

ACCDiS participants: Mario Chiong, Sergio Lavandero, Loreto Bornscheuer, Paula Meriño, María Emma Figari, Maria Jose Olivares, Adriana Mujica, Carolina Lagos, Brayan Arredondo, Bernardita Vargas, Valentina Parra, Donoso and Eduardo Romo.

Website: HTTPS://www.explora.cl/rmnorte/quienes-somos/

The target audience of the proposal is all the school communities belonging to the 1,322 educational establishments of the communes that make up the Northern Metropolitan Region.

The five initiatives of the project are:

  1. Early Years Inquiry Program (PIPE): Science teaching initiative in the middle and transition levels of kindergarten education that seeks to strengthen the CTCI competencies of kindergarten education teaching teams and develop the necessary competencies in kindergartners so that they know and understand the world around them. During the year 2023, the Natural Sciences learning area will be worked on, executing the Animal Shelter module, Animal Care for middle levels and We are Little Penguins for transition levels.
  2. PichinCO: In Search of Water: Pedagogical product (activity book) aligned with the current curriculum framework, aimed at NT1, NT2, NB1 and NB2, which aims to develop scientific skills to identify causes and consequences of environmental problems related to water scarcity affecting the country, strengthening the collaborative construction of meaningful cultural practices to mitigate this situation.
  3. School Research and Innovation (Iie): Systematic learning initiative whose objective is to foster the development of research and innovation skills in the educational community, through the Mini explorers initiative, for students from 1st to 4th grade (working with children on the first scientific skills of the Explora model through inquiry experiences on issues of Heritage and Multiculturalism); and School Science Clubs for students from 5th grade to 4th grade (they will carry out school scientific research-innovation projects that arise from the interest, context and local problems of the students themselves, which will be approached from the different areas of the CTCI).

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Mario Chiong
Sergio Lavandero
PAR Institutional Advisor
Loreto Bornscheuer
Executive Coordinator
Camila Suarez
Coordinator of Explora and PIPE Training Routes
Paula Meriño
Head of STCI Networks and Curious ActivitiesMinds
Emma Figari
Head of School Research and Innovation
Carolina Paz Lagos Morales
Product Manager: PichinCO
Bryan Arredondo
Designer and Illustrator
Eduardo Blunt
Quantification and evaluation manager
Bernadette Vargas
Finance Officer
Maria Jose Olive groves
Communications Officer
Adriana Mujica
Community Manager