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Seminar: Microbiome and virus in cancer
This Friday, October 1, we begin the month dedicated to the...
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Conversation: History, Latin American culture and traditions
This Thursday, September 30, our Explora RM North, Will...
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Radial space: Older adults, wetland protectors
This Thursday, September 23, the teacher and Dean of...
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Thy-1 (CD90)-Induced Metastatic Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion Are β3 Integrin-Dependent and Involve a Ca2+/P2X7 Receptor Signaling Axis
Marianne Brenet, Samuel Martínez, Ramón Pérez-Nuñez, Leonardo A. Pérez, Pamela Contreras, Jorge Díaz, Ana María Avalos, Pascal...
Polycystin-1 regulates cardiomyocyte mitophagy
Andrea Ramírez-Sagredo, Clara Quiroga, Valeria Garrido-Moreno, Camila López-Crisosto, Sebastian Leiva-Navarrete, Ignacio Norambuena-Soto, Jafet Ortiz-Quintero, Magda C. Diaz-Vesga, William...
Caveolin-1 suppresses tumor formation through the inhibition of the unfolded protein response
Diaz, Maria I.; Diaz, Paula; Bennett, Jimena Castillo; Urra, Hery;...
Light-induced release of the cardioprotective peptide angiotensin-(1–9) from thermosensitive liposomes with gold nanoclusters
Julian Bejarano, Aldo Red, Andrea Ramírez-Sagredo, Ana L.Riveros, Francisco Morales-Zavala,...

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