Advanced Center for chronic diseases (ACCDiS ), is pleased to announce that it is in 3rd place nationally, in the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)2022

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II Science Fair: science and health care
El Hospital de Molina, in conjunction with ACCDiS, invitan a...
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Talk: How science defines healthy eating?? Is it possible to achieve this without spending more?
Within the framework of the II Scientific Fair organized by...
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The call for the Program of Inquiry for Early Ages is open (PIPE) Technology Module, year 2022
Our Par Explora RM Norte has already opened the call for...
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Code Red for Health Response in Latin America and the Caribbean: Improving people's health through climate action
Marisol Yglesias-Gonzalez, Yasna Palmeiro-Silva, Milena Sergeevad, Sandra Cortés, AndreaHurtado-Epstein, Daniel...
Determination of the respiratory compensation point by detecting changes in the oxygenation of the intercostal muscles by near-infrared spectroscopy
Felipe Contreras-Briceño, Maximiliano Espinosa-Ramirez , Vincent Keim-Bagnara , Matías Carreño-Román,...
BSA-conjugated oligoarginin peptide improves cell penetration of gold nanorods and nanoprisms for biomedical applications
Karen Bolaños, Macarena Sanchez Navarro, Andreas Tapia-Arellano, Ernesto Giralt, Marcellus...

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