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Open Science: Encapsulation of bioactive compounds for healthy foods
El próximo jueves 28 de enero, nuestro Explora RM Norte...
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Open science: Encapsulation of bioactive compounds for healthy foods
Did you know that you are currently working on new functional foods that...
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Conversation: Myths and truths about the COVID vaccine19
During yesterday afternoon the epidemiologist, academic of the...
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Calcium-Sensing Receptor in Adipose Tissue: Possible Association with Obesity-Related Elevated Autophagy
Pamela Mattar, Sofía Sanhueza, Gabriela Yuri, Lautaro Briones, Claudio Perez-Leighton,...
Light-induced release of angiotensin cardioprotective peptide- (1-9) thermosensitive liposomes with gold nanoclusters
JulianBejarano, AldoRojas, AndreaRamirez-Sagredo, Ana L.Riveros, FranciscoMorales-Zavala, YvoFlores,, Jaime Riquelme,, FannyGuzman,,,...
Preoperative soluble VCAM-1 contributes to predict late mortality after coronary artery surgery
Ramon Corbalán, Mauricio García, Luis Garrido-Olivares, Lorena Garcia, Gonzalo Pérez,...

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