Postdoctoral Fellows

Alexis Diaz
Regulation of endoplasmic reticulum in skeletal muscle mitochondria mesh
Daniel Peña Oyarzun

Sucralose inhibits autophageal degradation of narrow and adherent joints in in vitro and ex vivo models of periodontitis

Ramón Pérez
Astrocytes in a proinflammatory context increase cell adhesion by regulating the activation of RhoA through the phosphorylation of Rho modulators by PKC alpha
Jorge Díaz Fuentes
Increased expression of avb3 integrin and syndecan-4 is controlled by the Rab/Arf-endocytic pathway in reactive astrocytes
America Campos

Role of exosomes in cancer

Rances Blanco

Interaction between Human Papillomavirus and EBV in oral and cervical cancer

Daniela Báez
Desarrollo de Micromotores de grafeno-Metal para la detección de ADN metilado como biomarcador
María Paz Oyarzún
Nanopartículas de Ag@SiO2 y Au@SiO2 para la detección de beta amiloide mediante espectroscopía de fluorescencia amplificada por plasmón
Daniel Andrew Real

Rational design of gastroretentive nanovehicle transport systems produced using 3d printing techniques for potential applications in gastric cancer therapy.

Italo Moglia

Ferritin as a nanoplataform for obtaining copper sulfide nanoparticles with photothermal properties

Renzo Lemp

Nanoprobes for the detection of Singulete Molecular Oxygen in Systems of Biological Interest

Paula Díaz Rodríguez
Line 3-1 (AQ-SL)
Role of Caveolin-1 as modulator of PERK at the endoplasmic reticulum during the unfolded protein response (UPR). A mechanism linking UPR to Caveolin-1 downregulation in cáncer
Lorena Oróstica Arévalo
Line 3 (AQ)
The role of the pro-inflammatory environment in triggering Caveolin-1 expression and the progression of gallbladder cancer” (ranked Nr.2 in study section medicine G1).
Alejandra Sandoval Bórquez
Line 1-4-3 (SL-AC-AQ)
The role of the Angiotensin II type 2 receptor in the molecular pathogenesis of gastric cáncer
Francisco Morales
Line 6-1 (MK-SL)
Nuevos peptidomiméticos de angiotensina-(1-9) para prevenir y/o atenuar desarrollo de fibrogénesis cardiaca
Camila Lopez
Line 1-2 (SL–PC)
Efectos de la modulación del receptor de estrógenos sobre el metabolismo mitocondrial en hipertensión arterial pulmonar
Rodrigo Alfredo Sierpe
Line 3-6 (AQ-MK)
Coupling of gold nanoparticles anisotropic on thin films for the development of new biosensors plasmonicos
Jenny Ruedlinger
Line 4-5 (AC-CF)
Exploring the link between processed meat consumption and chronic inflammation, and its potential implications in gastric cancer: A population and mechanistic approach
Keila Torres
Line 4-5 (AC-CF)
Apoptosis and the role of long non-coding rnas in epstein-barr virus-associated gastric cancer
Patricio Silva
Line 3-1 (AQ-SL)

Primary cilia involvement in hypoxia-induced fibroblast migration

Claudia Muñoz
Line 1-2 (SL–PC)

Role of androgens in the development of heart failure with preserved ejection function (HFpEF) in female mice

Raúl Arias
Line 1-2 (SL–PC)

MiRNAs regulating communication between heart insufficiency and colorectal cancer

Valeria Garrido
Line 1-2 (SL–PC)

Disruption of endoplastic-mitochondria reticle communication in HFpEF

Eva Carolina Arrúa
Line 3-6 (AQ-MK)

Development and evaluation of gastro-retentive formulations in an effective dual release system during Helicobacter pylori infection

Karen Bolaños
Line 3-6-4 (AQ-MK-AC)

Nanomedicine applied to cancer diagnosis and therapy

Alejandra Hernández
Line 1-5 (SL-CF)

Effect of cholecystectomy and physical activity on fatty liver and heart disease

Lorena Rosa
Line 5-4 (CF-AC)

Search for inflammatory markers in the MAUCO cohort for cancer risk prediction