MAUCO: Cohorte y Biobanco
Director: Catterina Ferreccio

It is the first cohort in Chile to research since 2014 for a period of 10 years, factors that influence or prevent the development of chronic diseases, such as: cancer, Diseases Cardiovascular, diabetes and obesity. In its population study, it includes 10.000 residents of Molina commune in the Maule Region, surveys and sampling at the start of research and are followed in time to assess the occurrence of health events, as hospitalizations, diagnosis of diseases or changes in their risk factors.

Our goal for this year, is started a tissue biobank for all the cancers that occur in our participants and continue to be a reference model in the health of the Chilean adult and other countries.

The team of researchers is led by the epidemiologist of the Pontifical Catholic University Dra. Catterina Ferreccio.