Recently, the World Heart Federation (Whf) announced to applicants that they will be part of the sixth version of "WHF Salim Yusuf Emerging Leaders", one of the first international training programs in cardiovascular implementation research, whose main objective is to encourage professional development and networking among emerging WHF leaders in more than one hundred countries.

On this occasion, the only Chilean to make up this select group is Claudia Bambs, associate researcher at the Advanced Center for chronic diseases (ACCDiS ), member of the cohort MAUCO academic department of the U.S. Department of Public Health Faculty of medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

In this respect, Dr. Bambs noted that "this is a unique opportunity to strengthen leadership skills and, Especially, establish networks of international collaboration on the edge of a world-renowned organization such as WHF. I think for me and ACCDiS it will be a very important visit, because it agrees that heart failure is one of the key issues for the center and will just be the focus of this program".

El programa “Emerging Leaders” realizará de forma previa un entrenamiento online para los investigadores seleccionados, quienes luego viajarán a Londres entre el 13 y 18 de octubre próximos para participar en una jornada de generación de proyectos, colaboración y establecimiento de redes.

“Lo que haremos allí será trabajar en una propuesta de investigación colaborativa que tenga impacto a nivel nacional o local. Then, these products are applied to a fund of the same World Heart Federation to eventually be awarded and carried out", Bambs finished.

Image: Medicine UC