During yesterday afternoon the epidemiologist, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and deputy director of the Centro, participated in the radio program "Tu Nuevo ADN" with journalist Andrea Obaid.

He discussed the landscape of chronic diseases and their relationship to coronavirus, indicating that according to the three Public Health Surveys conducted in the country, much of Chile's population suffers from one or more noncommunicable diseases, vulnerable sectors being the most likely to be used to these types of pathologies.

However, stressed that the only difference that people of high socioeconomic status have with the rest of the population, is your high cigarette use.

On the other hand, he also took the opportunity to discuss the country's strategy to tackle the pandemic"according to a recent scientific study, points out that four measures need to be implemented at the same time to embody the crisis". First, symptomatic cases should be identified, mark its traceability "here you can find asymptomatic people", social isolation, quarantine and enforce all health security measures to prevent contagion, "it's not much use to apply quarantine alone", highlighted the epidemiologist and member of the Advisory Council of MINSAL.

Listen to interview on: envivo.adnradio.cl