The use of these elements causes severe cognitive impairment.

Pesticides are chemicals used to control, prevent or destroy pests on agricultural plantations. The risk exposure of these elements puts at risk the population that lives with the premises.

Given this, studies carried out by researchers from the region of Maule and Coquimbo farmers, inhabitants of sectors near the fields and schools of the San Clemente area and other schools in Talca. The result was disappointing. They found the presence of two dangerous chemical compounds in children's urine.

The Dr. María Teresa Muñoz, researcher at the University of the Maule was emphatic: “We find 75 per cent of children screened with pesticides, in addition to residues of these pesticides in the fruit consumed by these same children”.

Experts have detected a serious lack of training for farmers, so they hope that the uses of these chemicals in limited periods and minimum doses are better. In addition, ensure that better monitoring and monitoring systems are needed in the processes.

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