Within the framework of the Science Festival of the Explora Project of the Northern Metropolitan Region of the Ministry of Science, on October 21 will be held the live television program "CyberEureka" activity that seeks to bring science to young and old.

CyberEureka is a digital TV show, which for the second consecutive year invites the community to participate in various scientific activities, Technological, such as talks, discussions and a theoretical and practical workshop, with the aim is to awaken and celebrate curiosity, typical of the scientific world. CyberEureka It also has a Zoom 360 studio, to surprise the connected in the activities.

From 18 to 21 hours on October 21 CyberEureka, will present 4 talks, a discussion and a workshop by leading national researchers. The first talk will be at 18:30 hours and will be dictated by Dr. Claudia Ortiz Calderón of the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH), in the space CuriousLY, with the theme "Innovación”.

The Dra. Claudia Ortiz Calderón is an academic at the USACH and is recognized for her work with algae and the creation of biofilters to improve water quality and recover residual copper.. She commented that these activities are important because "scientific activity is an agent of change and social welfare" for this reason, ensures that it is necessary to give importance and enchant young people to take the path of science.

To spark interest in science, the Dra. Ortiz said the challenge is to find the right language., so that the message is clear and effective "do not speak in cetacean", Concluded. Principle that precisely the Science Festival invites you to realize.

At 18:40 hours will begin the presentation of Nicolás Fernández, director of Fundación Encuentros del Futuro, with the theme "Knowledge". After 19:05 to 19:20 hours will be followed by the Divertiquim workshop: Let's celebrate curiosity!!

The Dra. Marisol Gómez with Dr. Ivan Martinez Diaz, both from the Bernardo O'Higgins University will dictate the Divertiquim workshop, where the curiosity it generates among the participants stands out. The Dra. Marisol Gomez, who is also head of the Integrative Center for Biology and Applied Chemistry (CIBQA) Said: “This workshop makes families enchant and amaze with simple experiments that they can replicate at home”.

For the Dra. Marisol Gomez, scientific dissemination is the mechanism that allows to bring and inform the community about the sciences, managing to awaken curiosity and motivation and being the starting point for the learning process. Justly, for that reason it invites the whole community to participate in the Workshop and the other activities organized in CyberEureka.

At 19:25 in another talk of CuriousMENTES, Dr. Marcelo Lagos will address the topic "Science" that will better explain the world behind scientific work in the country. from 19:45 to 20:30 hours there will be an interesting conversation about "Agents of Change: Technologies and Innovation Made In Chile”. Where Camila Cárdenas will participate, Chief Operating Officer Yaku; Benjamin Maturana, Head of Public Policy Operations; Cristina Acuña, General Coordinator of Idea-Tec; and Javier Morales, Director of CENDHY and ACCDIS Researcher.

Morales, in relation to his presentation, he stressed that the country is a leader in Latin America in technology and innovation. “Disagreement with the World Intellectual Property Organization, Chile is number one in Latin America and 53 worldwide in the Global Innovation Index. This is a global indicator where Chile stands out in regulatory aspects, the impact of knowledge, worker training and the use of intellectual property" commented the ACCDIS researcher.

Dr. Javier Morales took the opportunity to remember that instances like CyberEureka are foundations for the entire community, and with an emphasis on the youngest, can internalize the relevant aspects for scientific and technological progress. In addition, said, “innovation aspects are generally not specifically addressed, then, sessions with a focus on this have even more value for society”.

CyberEureka will conclude nothing less with the talk on Technology by The Dra. Barbara Poblete at 20:35 onwards. She is an engineer and PhD in Computing from the Department of Computing of the University of Chile.

To finish, Dr. Mario Chiong, director of Explora RM Norte and ACCDIS researcher invited the entire community to be part of this celebration, that brings together great scientists and society in one place, since being part of the virtual audience people will be able to ask questions and interact with the researchers and participate in the series of contests that will be held during the event.

It should be remembered that, Explore NORTH RM, is an associative project led by the University of Chile through the Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and its executing unit is the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDiS ).

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