Between 3 and 6 June it was held in Beijing, China, the XXIII World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research (ISHR).

On the occasion, Jaime Riquelme, ACCDiS collaborator and Assistant Professor of the School of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the University of Chile, presented a Abstract entitled “Role of endothelial exosomes in pharmacological cardioprotection”.

On the occasion, Jaime Riquelme was accompanied by the director of ACCDiS and President of the Latin American section of ISHR, Sergio Lavandero, who gave the presentation "Autophagy and mitochondrial dynamics", part of the 10th Symposium "Cardioprotection–Autophagy and Mitochondrial".

The participation of the partner ACCDiS in this activity was conceived because the ISHR awarded a Young Investigator Travel Award, Prize Jaime Riquelme took the opportunity to attend this event and discuss their research with experts in pharmacological Cardioprotection, In addition to allowing you to update knowledge on research associated with the area of cardiovascular science and create new linkages and collaborations with researchers from solid academic and scientific excellence.