Academic of the Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Chile and director of par Explora Metropolitana Región Norte, Dr. Mario Chiong, analyze the evolution of coronavirus in the area and share references from scientific studies, among other aspects.

"Analysis of COVID-19 in the Antofagasta Region" is the name of the live talk that will be offered by the academic of the Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Chile and director of the PAR Explora Metropolitan Region North, Dr. Mario Chiong, next Wednesday, June 10, 18 a.m.:00 hours, via the Facebook page of the PAR Explore Antofagasta and of the COUPLE explores North RM.

Dr.. Chiong, who is also a researcher at the ACCDiS Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases, aims to inform the community about the current situation and evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) In the Antofagasta Region, as well as deliver prevention measures to prevent the spread of the virus and the increase in contagion.

Also, the academic will address the symptoms of the disease and how to detect it, along with sharing references from scientific studies on ways of contagion that have occurred in various circumstances.


Regarding the current COVID-19 scenario, Dr. Chiong explained that the most difficult times of the pandemic are being lived. "We're with a daily infected rate, that borders five thousand people and with a mortality rate that has been increasing day by day (…) According to data from mathematical and expert models, this critical part of the disease should last at least in the next three weeks", Emphasized.

Regarding the Antofagasta Region, par director Explora RM Norte commented that the lifting of quarantine in the area managed to stop the progression of the disease. "However, the moment the quarantine was lifted, what you can see in the numbers, is that the number of new infected ones slowly began to rebound, Therefore, it seems that by lifting quarantine the community had a relax in the health measures", Warned.

Dr. Chiong emphasized that coronavirus is a disease that has a high rate of contagion and does not have a vaccine or medical treatment. "The only way is to appeal to the conscience of the community. And conscience means heeding health measures, wear mask, washing your hands frequently, social estrangement and, Please, stay in the house as much as you can, because if a person has to leave, you must take all precautions so that you do not get infected", said.

This activity is organized by PAR Explora Antofagasta, Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and innovation, executed by the Catholic University of the North (Ucn); along with the PAR Explore RM Norte, led by the University of Chile through the Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and its executing unit, the Center for advanced chronic diseases (ACCDiS ).

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