The Advanced Center for chronic diseases (ACCDiS ) It has been approved by the Higher Council of Sciences of FONDECYT based on recommendation provided by international reviewer Panel to continue the work of research and training of advanced human resources specialized in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The adoption of the Plan of continuity for the 2019-2023 period was informed on 8 October through an official letter of the Sra. Maria Eugenia Camelio (Program Director FONDAP – CONICYT), where foreign evaluators highlighted that “the Center has made significant progress during its first execution”. In addition, They point out that “goals and objectives for the next period are well raised and focus on key aspects of the study of cardiovascular disease and cancer, It will represent important challenges for the health system of our country”.

Also, stood the presented innovations in the specialized research lines in the areas of cardiovascular disease, cancer, nanomedicine and bioinformatics, as well as the strengthening of the task force, leaving a path open to the creation, dissemination of information and specialized research that delivers information and advances on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

A timely recognition received the job of the MAUCO cohort, Thus the contribution of the studies and work generated will be a valuable contribution, not only in Chile but also at the international level in the same way.

"This approval is also a recognition of the dedicated work of" principal investigators, researchers partners, collaborators, Fellows and graduate students, laboratory equipment and administrative team, all of them, members of the Center"noted the Director of ACCDiS Dr. Sergio Lavandero. "Are these milestones that come to ACCDiS a leader in interdisciplinary research excellence and training of human resources, to offer real alternatives for prevention and control of these serious diseases, achieving a profound social change, improving the quality of life of the population"added Professor Lavandero.

The Center extends a special thank you for the support given by the different academic units of the University of Chile (Facultad de Ciencias Químicas y Farmacéuticas Faculty of medicine , Faculty of dentistry e Instituto de Nutrición y Tecnología de los Alimentos -INTA) and of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Faculty of medicine) and all the regional institutions that have provided facilities for the work of ACCDiS.