The director of the Advanced Center for chronic diseases (ACCDiS ) participated in the Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Scientific Sessions organized by the American Heart Association and they were conducted between July 29 and August 1 in Boston, United States.

This event objective was to learn about the latest advances in basic cardiovascular research on new therapies and molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases, and specifically the research in the fields of the microRNAs, gene therapy, artificial intelligence, tissue engineering, Cardio-Oncology and heart failure with preserved systolic function (HFpEF).

On this occasion, Dr. Laundry along with Loren E. Wold, This event organizer, They moderated the session "Protecting the Heart from Cancer Treatment", in which studies on cardiotoxidad of the new therapy of melanoma were presented by the "immune-checkpoint inhibitors", new genomic markers for the prediction of cardiotoxicity by doxorrubucina and paper CPY1 cytochrome in cardiotoxicity by antracyclinic.

Consulted for its expertise in this activity, the director of ACCDiS said that "it is motivating to attend this event to learn about the frontier of knowledge in cardiovascular disease research, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence and cardio-Oncology".

In addition, in the event were three abstracts of research that Dr. Laundry done in the Division of cardiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas: “Polycystin-1 assembles with Kv channels to govern cardiomyocyte repolarization and contractility”, "Performance in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction" and "BET bromodomain protein 4" (BRD4) governance of cardiovascular disease stress-related cardiomyocyte remodeling”, y en las que también participaron los colaboradores de ACCDiS Francisco Altamirano y Elisa Villalobos.