Center for advanced chronic diseases ACCDiS It is pleased to invite your Seminar in Bioinformatics and computational biology

Dr Alan Durham of the University of São Paulo and President of the Brazilian Association of Bioinformatics and computational biology (AB3C).
Friday, July 20
16.00 HRS.
Salon Mario Caiozzi
Faculty of chemistry and
Pharmaceutical • University of Chile
Sergio Livingstone 1007
Independence • Santiago


The area of Bioinformatics in general and of Computational Genomics in particular has seen a massive development of software for specific applications. This is probably a consequence of the relatively small involvement of researchers with a strong Computer Science background. We will present the various approaches to software development and advocate for the development of generic software frameworks that facilitates experimentation and the development of new solutions with small or no programming. In this context we present our work in the ToPS probabilistic framework and its use in developing computational genomics applications.

We will also discuss about our experience on the building of bioinformatics graduate programs and with the Brazilian Association of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (AB3C).