Recently, the National Commission for scientific and technological research (CONICYT) and the upper counsel of science and technological development of Fondecyt, They reported the proposal for selection of the projects that applied to the Regular Fondecyt national contest 2019.

In total, were 518 projects the beneficiaries with the contest, among those who are six researchers from ACCDiS. It is the principal investigator Alejandro Corvalán, the research associate, Valentina Parra, and Rodrigo Troncoso collaborators, Manuel Varas, Arrese and Eyleen Araya framework. It should be noted that five of the six lines of research are represented within the ACCDiS Awards

It said CONICYT, the results of the contest will be sent to the General Comptroller of the Republic for decision of reason. Upon completion of this process and with the resolution that awarded the contest completely processed, the result will be communicated to each applicant.

On behalf of ACCDiS we congratulate our researchers by the award of these projects, Reaffirming the commitment of our team with the development of science and technology in our country.