October 17 was the second workshop of integration of the advanced centre of diseases chronic ACCDiS, entitled "science team: "superheroes in action". The activity was held at the Mario Caiozzi Hall of the Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences, attended by approximately 48 persons, among researchers main, partners, collaborators and post-docs.

The central theme of the workshop of this year was "how move in ACCDiS from the multi-disciplinarity to the transdisciplina", with the aim to promote integration and the commitment of the six lines of research with the Center.

img7The day was led by the Dras Alejandra Vives and Claudia Bambs, both research partners of the Center, and organized in conjunction with the central office. Looking at words of welcome by the Dra. Catterina Ferrecio, presentation of contextualization by the Dra. Bambs, group discussion workshop, plenary each group's information and delivery charge of Dr closing remarks. Andrew Quest.

The researchers performed an entertaining dynamic where they organized themselves into groups identified as 6 superhero leagues, each led by a hero in particular, It was drawn at the beginning of the day. The leaders were: Myra Chavez (Flash), Sandra Cortés (Woman wonder), Ana Riveros (Women elastic), Pablo Aránguiz (Superman), Paula Diaz (Spiderman) and Mario Chiong (Iron Man).

Suggestions and comments obtained in the workshop will be presented to the Academic Council of ACCDiS who will assess their feasibility and implementation. (see Photo Gallery here)