In the framework of the initiative 1000 Genomes Chile, scientific centres of excellence that are leading the project called the community school country to participate directly through this contest. We invite the students, in conjunction with their teachers in the scientific area, In addition to this space exploration and be part of a community and national experiment in which we secuenciaremos the genome of an organism, achievement that will be incorporated into the project 1000 Genomes. The aim of this competition is approaching concepts and scope of genomics citizens and especially children interested in science. The experiment will take place during the second half of 2019 in high schools or colleges selected or in the laboratories of the centers of excellence sponsoring the event. To selected sites travel scientific initiative and share and compare the data obtained by the participants.

Previously, There will be a period of theoretical and practical preparation and instructions detailing the experimental protocol to follow will be delivered. Also all required materials will be provided, including computers with appropriate software and sequencing equipment, without cost.

At the end of the experiment, the information will be collected and will be given the results obtained by everyone from the center of genome regulation (CRG). On this occasion, We propose to analyze a type of organism that is present throughout the: an insect belonging to the order Dermaptera, commonly known as "tijereta". The result will be original (not it has previously sequenced the genome of such species so far) and the data will be published and deposited in public databases. The body pickup sequencing (an only individual) It must be carried out using careful records of location and documentation with images of the highest quality possible. To ensure proper respect to the bioethical considerations, the handling of the animals will be made by persons expressly authorized to do so.

Who can participate?

Each group which postulates is between 3 and 10 students from schools and subsidized municipal and private schools, in any part of the territory of Chile. They must be under the supervision of a teacher or teacher, Ideally the scientific area. The group which postulates must have the authorization of the director of the educational establishment; You can apply a single group by establishment. No material is not required to participate; only the dedication of time necessary to carry out the experiment (few hours for preparation and two days during the event). Participants must be in agreement that are filmed and photographed for dissemination of the project activities, as well as appearing for video streaming It can be transmitted publicly. For this, they should have the informed written consent of its apoderad @.

When will it happen?

You can apply until 1 July 2019. Once selected the participating groups, material and instructions you will be given timely. We will try that each group has the previous visit of a scientific support to guide the work. In coordination with the selected groups, a date for the execution will remember the event sequencing, the what will happen during the second half of 2019.

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Source: 1000 Genomes.