img4Entre el 25 y el 27 de octubre del presente año, held the second visit of the International Scientific Committee at the Center for advanced diseases chronic ACCDiS. This time we visited the Dres. Karl Weber and Nelson Durán, experts in the area cardiovascular and nanotechnology, respectively.

The inaugural event was the Workshop held in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the University of Chile, where each guest presented a theme linked to your specialty. Dr. Nelson Durán of the University State of Campinas, Brazil, He gave the lecture "Nanobiotechnological applications as strategy to bladder and prostate cancers".


On the other hand, Dr. Karl Weber of the University of Tennessee, USA, exhibited "Depressed Myocardial Contractility. Can It Be Rescued?”. Esta jornada contó con la participación de más de 110 asistentes entre miembros del ACCDiS e interesados en las temáticas expuestas.

Within the activities developed by the Committee scientific in its step by ACCDiS, They include meetings and interviews with the principal investigators and their teams.

After the visit international researchers left their appreciations to the principal investigators indicating a positive impression about the level of development of the research in ACCDiS and achievements these first years.

With regard to the visit the Dr. Sergio Lavandero, Director of ACCDIS, stressed that "there is that highlight the importance that has for the Center the visit of scientific leaders in their disciplines", as it is the doctors Weber and Durán, Since it allows us to be measured with high standards at the international level" .