Last Monday, October 22, in Puerto Varas was held the annual meeting of the Society of cell biology of Chile. This event brought together experts and professionals of health in our country. This year was a recognition to the Dr. Andrew Quest who was chosen for his career in research and advanced human capital formation, to give the inaugural talk of this annual meeting “"Left luis Lecture", in memory of a distinguished cell biologist and the Chilean development.

Dr. Quest, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile and one of the principal investigators of ACCDiS, It has trained more than 45 professionals in their undergraduate careers, Magister, doctorate and post-doctorate, achieving a significant impact on teaching in the field of biomedicine in Chile.Entre its major publications is that published in Cancer Research in the year 2000, which showed that the protein Caveolin-1 is a protein that acts by suppressing the formation of tumors in colon cells and that, to develop and survive, tumors turn off the synthesis of this protein. In addition, They showed that those surviving cells, to acquire the ability to metastasize in other organs, again increase their levels of expression of Caveolin-1 to promote metastasis.

A second publication, also outstanding is the magazine Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research in the year 2013, where was that the dichotomy that presents this protein Act by suppressing the formation of tumors at an early stage of cancer, and then in later stages, Act promoting metastasis depended on E-cadherin protein, a major protein in the formation and maintenance of the epithelia.

These studies and many other related, In addition to his career as a researcher is that you won this recognition now in the cell biology society of Chile. He was also chosen by the society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile, in 2014, to represent it and receive the prize Hermann Niemeyer in the Biochemistry Society of Spain, Granada.

Dr. Quest has a strong educational vocation and is the reason by which much of today-collaborators and associates of ACCDiS have been students or part of your team.

(Dr Torres is an associate professor of the Faculty of dentistry, U de Chile, and research associate at ACCDiS, Dr Alvaro Lladser, researcher of the Foundation Science and life, DRA. Lorraine Lobos-gonzalez, Assistant Professor development, and associated researcher at ACCDiS, Dr. Manuel Valenzuela, The Central University Assistant Professor and contributor to ACCDiS, DRA. Dennisse Bravo, Assistant Professor, Faculty of dentistry U de Chile and contributor for ACCDiS.)

Congratulations to Dr. Quest, from ACCDiS we extend recognition to their work and their experience, being an honor having it as Principal investigator of the line of work "Biology of tumor cells and inflammation".