Although still is premature talk of conclusions, the taking of various tests at least allow to observe the date some trends, for example, linked to obesity and overweight


CURICÓ.- Almost seven thousand people (at this point, six thousand 723), mostly women, they have already been examined in the context of the program Mauco, epidemiological study that will run for at least 10 years, which aims to analyze the origin of the major diseases that afflict the inhabitants of the town of Molina.

With the presence of the majority of the professional that are part of the initiative, yesterday, in the Auditorium of the Cultural Corporation of Curico, is led to out the second day information concerning them advances that to the date presents the project, at the hands of the Centre for advanced chronic diseases (ACCDiS ). In general terms, the idea is to ' reclutar’ 10,000 Molina neighbors during the first five years of the program (already have passed three), pending power increase the respective figure associated with males. This is a process involving people between the ages of 38 and 74, that during the process will be examined at least for a couple of times, both through physical measurements and also by means of biological samples which remain sheltered in a bank located in the Hospital de Molina. As expressed by the director of ACCDiS, Dr. Sergio Lavandero, the town of Molina was chosen to run the Mauco (one of a kind at the national level), Since it is of a territory that presents ' an of them rates more high to level national of diseases cronicas ’, either cancer or cardiovascular diseases. ' All we know today, for example, that smoking is bad, the consumption of salt, than cholesterol, all that came out of such studies, made in other countries. The more famous of them is which is made in (the American town of) Framingham. The difference is that for the first time we will have something our. For example, Framingham has the problem linked to gallbladder cancer, because in the United States that cancer does not exist, This is, our. So if this we do not solve it, "no one it is going to do", said.


"The scale that has this", It is probably something never before seen in Chile", He said laundry, Stressing that the study that aims to get behind ' information fidedigna’ in such field, they have joined forces at least three universities in the country (University of Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the Universidad Catolica del Maule). Although still is premature talk of conclusions, seizure of various tests and surveys at least allow to observe, to date, some trends, for example, linked to obesity and overweight. ' In this new concept, which we call cardiovascular health, here in Molina there is practically no any person having seven, that is ideal and we recently started to find people of four down. It is striking that Molina, being a community that has access to the agricultural world, their food is so bad. There are also other factors that are educational, There is a tremendous job future of educating people, as to what is good and bad. Almost all these habits one them form when is very small, i.e., to a stage temprana ’, stressed.


Acknowledging the community of Molina by the ' permanent colaboracion’ that you have had with the project, the Director of Mauco, Catterina Ferreccio, He said that you one of the challenges for the coming year, will be focused to increase the participation of population male. "We still have the support of approximately two thousand 500 men to complete our goal of 10 thousand participants. For these purposes, We will seek to facilitate the completion of tests to population, for example, of the same companies or places of trabajo ’, said. For 2017, other goals are to track three thousand 500 inhabitants, to assess changes in their State of health. "We will return to contact people from the cohort to examine and analyze changes in your health, style of life, weight, among other indicators. It is shorter than the previous examination, but fundamental, because in this new phase, Molina will be becoming a true national surveillance Center, where we can observe the trend of all them problems of health that have State analizando ’, He said.

Source: Diario el Centro