The partner of ACCDiS and academician of the Institute of nutrition and food technology of the U. of Chile (INTA) Researcher Joven won first place in the category thanks to his work "Association between cellular energy metabolism and quality of aging in older adults", made with a team composed also by the Dra. Cecilia Albala, and Dr. Sergio Lavandero, Director of ACCDiS.

The sixth version of the University scientific research award, organized jointly by Banco Santander and El Mercurio, He recognized the best works in the area of "Ageing in the Chilean population", focused on promoting, Prevention and intervention of health at the community level, regional, national or international.

Consulted on the matter, Dr. Bravo Sagua told ACCDiS that this recognition reaffirms commitment to its team with aging. "What calls us to this study is that globally there is an accelerated aging of the population and that is especially true in the case of Chile". This point leads to increasingly have more older adults, but they are also subject to major threats to its quality of life, such as health problems, pensions which are not very high, the fragmentation of the family, then there is both physical threats, economic, social carrying them to have lower quality of life".

"In addition, poorest older adults are less likely to face the challenge of the ageing successfully, then the motivation that we also have to do with power develop new diagnostic methods in order to prevent health problems before those appear and before that begin to cause damage, so we as a country and as the world's population have a healthier aging, but we will be able to generate new tools to contribute to social equality, to develop tools that will help all social strata alike", concluded Dr. Bravo Sagua.

Photo: Roberto Bravo Sagua