Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in Chile

Minister of health inaugurated Center ACCDiS, dedicated to cancer and cardiovascular diseases

– Scientific entity, formed by researchers from the Universities of Chile and Católica de Chile, seeks to combat these diseases.


With great call, last Tuesday, April 28, the official inauguration of the new Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases was held, ACCDiS , directed by Dres. Sergio Lavandero (University of Chile, UCH) and Catterina Ferreccio (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, PUC).

The ceremony headed by the Minister of health, DRA. Carmen Castillo, and accompanied by the guiding, Ignacio Sanchez (PUC) and Ennio Vivaldi (UCH), It counted with the presence of the Minister Secretary General of Government, Álvaro Elizalde and the participation of the executive director of CONICYT, Christian Nicolai.

On this occasion the keynote was in charge of the national prize of applied and Technological Sciences, Dr. Ricardo Uauy, titled "how to live more and better": Challenges of our time",


The day was marked by the attendance of more than 500 people among academics, scientists, students, University authorities, political and governmental authorities, as well as members of the community in general. Highlighting the massive participation of the members of ACCDiS and in particular the MAUCO project and the community of Molina.

In general terms, and for numerous congratulations received from teams of rectory of both universities and the assistants general, the event was rated as successful, fulfilling the objectives and expectations Center and the rectory.

"Researchers from both universities work together will enable the delivery of information in first line on the chronic diseases in Chile and the Center will become an obligatory reference for national scholars as well as those responsible for public health. There is no doubt that ACCDiS will bring to the country. ”, said the Rector Ignacio Sánchez.

In both, the Rector Ennio Vivaldi, pointed out that "chronic diseases are diseases that today constitute a limitation to the possibilities of quality of life of a significant percentage of the population (…) Why it is that I welcome the existence of this new Center for advanced chronic diseases, and in particular I am pleased that there is a collaborative work between these two universities of both flight, and I emphasize the very good work that they do in the medical and clinical area".

ACCDiS thanks their presence and collaboration of each of its members at the Opening Ceremony.

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