Epidemiologist criticized in the morning of TVN the confusing signals of the government and the media. "We have more than 22 thousand people died with a disease that other countries have been able to control", Said.

A tense moment was lived in the morning Buenos Días a Todos when epidemiologist Sandra Cortés criticized the decisions of the government and the production of the same program.

"We have more than 22 thousand people who have died with a disease that other countries have been able to control with measures that are programmed and that are clearly delivered to the community and where there is an effective risk communication".

"We who are epidemiologists are sometimes confused with the messages that come to us from the authority, when I say confused messages, I speak for example of the subject of the use of the mask, the mask should be used in open and enclosed spaces, the mask is an element that the community must use permanently", said.

At the watchful eye of Dr. Sebastian Ugarte, Cortés criticized the masks that the morning panelists were wearing

"I'm very sorry and I'd like to be as kind as possible, the mask you're showing on TV are masks that allow the virus to come out, are masks that allow the displacement of particles and droplets, then the signs are confusing", said.

He also criticized the government's holiday plan, "We all want to go on vacation but we must remember that where we arrive there are many times, hospitals that we call type 4 hospitals that are very basic hospitals, who are not prepared to capture the possible over-care of medical consultations that may occur".

"Then if I'm going to walk to Pichidangui for example and in Pichidangui I present a picture, I'm going to have to go to Los Vilos hospital and Los Vilos hospital is going to send me to Ovalle hospital and Ovalle hospital is overtaken", exemplified Cortés.

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