Chilean scientists will join the project"Earth Biogenome Project” (EBP), launch was last week in London, that goal is to sequence, catalog and characterize the genome of all biodiversity land over a period of 10 years. Researchers from the Centre for Genomic regulation in conjunction with the State of Sao Paulo research support Foundation (Brazil), they will be the only Latin American to be a part of this international project groups. Dr. Miguel Allende, Director of the Centre for Genomic regulation (CRG), academic of the University of Chile and associate researcher at the society of biology and society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile, It is mentioned that this project will allow to provide biogeographic information on endemic species of high interest. In addition, the investigator added that the genomes of species inhabiting Chile contain the keys for sustainable development, allowing you to add value to our renewable products of biological origin. As part of this great global project is the project 1000 Genomes, where the CRG participates, the Center for Mental Health Gerociencia and metabolism (GERO), the Center for advanced chronic diseases (ACCDiS ), the center of mathematical modeling (CMM), hosted at the University of Chile, and the Millennium Institute for integrative systems biology and synthetic (MIISSB), the PUC.

Source: ucentral.CL