As part of the Cycle of Scientific Talks 2021 of the Colegio San Juan Evangelista, Dr. Javier O. Morales Montecinos was invited to give a presentation for students from fifth grade to middle school on Friday, May 28.

In his presentation entitled "Timeline of a New Drug", the Director of CENDHY referred to the stages of research and development of a new drug, with a special mention to the process of developing vaccines against COVID-19. In addition, the professor of the University of Chile told the schoolchildren, their professors and representatives present about the work we carry out in the Drug Delivery Laboratory and CENDHY.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Morales answered several questions posed by the audience, among which some of the children remember how "What if I see a pill and I take it?" -very much in line with the concept of self-medication, and numerous questions about the rapid approval of coronavirus vaccines. According to the academic, after learning how the drug approval system works and understanding why vaccines against COVID-19 were developed in a shorter time frame than usual, a sense of relief was felt in the audience. Dr. Javier Morales received the thanks of the organizers and attendees at the Colegio San Juan Evangelista de Las Condes.

The invitation extended by the educational establishment to the also research associate of ACCDIS was managed by the Directorate of Extension and Communications of the Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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