On Tuesday, January 26 will be held the "academic degrees fair" organized by the Graduate School of the Faculty of medicine and the graduate branch of the ICBM.

We then show you the deadlines for the event:

Friday 08th-01-16:Registration to the fair with shipping overview.

Wednesday 13th-01-16: Selection of 1 thesis per program by academic committees.

Tuesday 19th-01-16: Selection of winning thesis and communication to winners.

Academic Degree Fair 2016:

This activity was approved by the Graduate Council of the Faculty of medicine and aims to show the progress of the theses of the Magister and doctorate, Faculty programs,promoting the integration of basic and public health among students, researchers and academics.

The mode will be the exhibition of panels (posters) running theses, with a degree of progress sufficient to have solid and representative of work conclusions. In addition, There will be space for researchers, clinical area, public health and basic research sets out a poster to provide research and thesis themes.

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Dr. Emilio Herrera, Deputy Director of graduate of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of medicine, It points out that the impact of exposing these theses "enhances the scientific work, because it gives us the option to discuss our data with other colleagues of the area. In addition, This fair will be attended by students and Faculty of this and other faculties, other areas and disciplines, further enriching the scientific discussion.

Usually the preguDoctorNTAS and comments about the thesis contribute significantly to the final written. At last, many times these instances are necessary so that students see the relevance that have their research and the contribution made to the development of science, knowledge and/or the impact of population health. This is part of the learning of the postgraduate, Let the students know present and evaluate their work".

Dr. Herrera adds that through this fair, the "open discussion is encouraged, free and fun among basic researchers,Clinical & public health, something that is partially developed in the Faculty. We believe that these worlds as you approach facilitates the translation of basic science to clinical practice, It improves understanding between professionals from different areas and encourages collaboration among them. No doubt that these conditions could generate important interactions that lead to new lines of research. The Faculty of medicine, Clinical fields and his vision of public health, the ICBM and basic research, can altogether be a benchmark national and regional development in research; and this should be encouraged in our postgraduate students, future scholars of the country".

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