This morning at the seminar: ¨Interspecies systems biology reveals bacterial metabolites protecting C. elegans neurons¨ next to the Dra. Andrea Calixto, There were important findings and information about the relationship of the worms and bacteria, in order to understand the components of dietary contributing to neuronal regeneration.

The search for food is one of the main driving forces of animal behavior, the type of food that eats an animal affect your metabolism, However, the influence of diet and its relationship with the speed at which neurons die is largely unknown.

Is at this point that the team led by Dr. Calixto has developed a full investigation based on the type of worm C. elegans. in this work, It was discovered that changing the bacterial diet influences the speed at which neurons can stop dying and even regenerate.

As these organisms, This link can happen in other living beings, for this reason, the research aims to show the mechanism of how these processes occur, so that we can understand the recovery, treatment and regeneration of neurons.

When is identified a molecular element, Opens a window to make it affordable to any system. (…) to understand the mechanism you can know the extrapolated or otherwise of this procedimiento¨

Bacteria are also part of the diet in humans, because they provide metabolites, processed food and are those who provide food. Therefore, the progress and deepening this issue will give us insights into the importance to diet and the incidence of food in neuronal regeneration. Of course it is already a contribution that informs and allows question little based methods that are made by way of popular recommendations.

The future of this research is to publish it in a scientific journal of popularity, describing for the first time the Association of a bacterial metabolite with a relevant phenotypic changes in neurons.