The delivery of a Latin America Santander scholarship will allow the Dr. Sandra Cortes, Department of public health UC academic and member of the Fondap centers ACCDIS and CEDEUS, make a research internship at the Biomedical Research Institute, in Granada, Spain.

During their stay in the European country, the Dra. Cuts will work together with Dr. John Arrebola, who has done several studies about exposure to pesticides and damage health, a topic of relevance to the Catholic University because of his relationship with studies that are being conducted in the cohort MAUCO.

"In this case, We'll discuss with Dr. It arrebola exposure to pesticides in agricultural workers of MAUCO cohort in order to establish whether chronic exposure to these chemicals are associated with metabolic disorders , exploring similarities and differences with the studied in Spain"; explains the Dra. Cortés.

This line of research has a high potential of scientific research, but also for their potential impact on the quality of life and health of people who are exposed to pesticides. The specialist hopes that the experience of Dr. It arrebola, and his team in Granada, contribute to improve the analytical capabilities of UC researchers and to explore future interventions in the community of Molina and other similar ones, exposed to pesticides.

"This scholarship, and this opportunity to deepen what has been investigated in Spain, It represents a recognition to our work in MAUCO and particularly interdisciplinary work that is carried out with national researchers and foreign. I hope that this internship will encourage us to improve our research and enhance it with international standards", concluded the Dra. Cortés.

Source: School of medicine UC. /