Our Pair Explora RM Norte has already opened the call to participate in the School Scientific Clubs 2022. This is an initiative of Explora that seeks to support teachers and students through trainings, accompaniment and assignment of scientific advisors that allow them to learn to ask themselves questions, experience, draw conclusions and seek explanations to understand the natural world, social and/or technological from their experiences.

General Objectives:

  • Encouraging the development of skills for research and innovation in the educational community, emphasizing questions and needs arising from your environment and everyday life collaboratively.
  • Promoting social appropriation of research and innovation as a cultural practice in the educational community.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is for students to develop research or innovation projects during the 2022 school year in the following areas::

  • Research: the research must be developed from a question defined by the students at the time of application that, through the research methodology seek to answer. The different areas in which they can develop their research are as follows:
  • Natural and/or exact sciences: Correspond to research that addresses phenomena of the biological sciences, Physical, Chemical, of the earth, Medical, health care, Agricultural, among others.
  • social sciences: They correspond to research that addresses phenomena of sociology, History, geography, economy, psychology, among others.
  • Arts and Humanities: They correspond to research that addresses phenomena or problems related to the study of the human condition.
  • Innovation: innovation projects must be developed from a problem or need at the time of application that students detect in their communities and that, from technological solutions, seek to resolve.

For more information and registration visit https://www.explora.cl/rmnorte/