El grupo está conformado por 10 mujeres de la tercera edad

The project of linkage with society entitled "Building Cardiovascular Health in the Elderly" is the product of collaboration between scientists from the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDIS), Center for New Drugs for Hypertension (CENDHY) and professionals from the Municipality of Independencia.

The initiative seeks to promote cardiovascular health care in the elderly, which are the group with the highest prevalence of chronic diseases and polypharmacy. With the aim of designing a program according to the needs of the elderly, durante 2020 y 2021 el equipo científico de los centros de investigación ACCDIS y CENDHY, both institutions associated with the University of Chile and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, met regularly with representatives of the Senior Day Center (CEDIAM) managed by the Municipality of Independencia. The project is also sponsored by the Chilean Society of Hypertension.

La estructura del proyecto se compone de 6 sesiones interactivas, what we call workshops, which have as a guide a support material, the booklet of activities. A través de los 6 talleres, which will be guided by CEDIAM specialists, participants will be able to develop topics such as chronic diseases, risk factors, Diseases Cardiovascular, high blood pressure, drug treatments and prevention. Older people have little or no consolidated knowledge about these issues, but that's not entirely wrong. The spirit of the project is to achieve a dynamic of co-creation and strengthening of knowledge with the participants, making use of the wisdom that experience delivers and empowering them to take action on their health care.

Although originally the project was conceived with meetings between the guides and the participants, due to health restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the first version had to be reformulated to virtual workshops and a small group of people. The first group, or pilot group, is guided by the occupational therapist of CEDIAM, Gabriela Hernandez, y compuesto por 10 mujeres cuyas edades oscilan entre los 63 y 80 años.

Dr. Sergio Lavandero, Director of ACCDIS, thanked the participation of the pilot group and explained that this initiative seeks to support older adults who have been isolated by the pandemic and are the main patients of chronic diseases. "Through this activity we not only seek to promote a healthier life, but we also want to accompany them and improve their mental health, through virtual meetings where they can interact with other people, learn about science, perform playful activities and practice at home what has been learned".

On the other hand, Dr. Javier Morales, director of CENDHY, joined the gratitude and stressed that it is becoming increasingly relevant to understand what chronic diseases are and how patients manage their treatments with medicines, en especial la hipertensión que es muy prevalente en la población de adultos mayores de Chile. "We shouldn't just care about ourselves., but we must also teach and prevent these diseases in future generations"".

The academics of the Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Chile, which also direct the two research centers that are funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and innovation, recognize the importance of this first version of the project "Building Cardiovascular Health in the Elderly" since the expectation is to validate the design to take it to other CEDIAM or institutions that work with older adults in the country.

The workshops will be led by Gabriela Hernández, occupational therapist of the CEDIAM of the commune of Independencia

For more information about the project, you can write to mariajoseolivares@accdis.cl or comunicaciones@cendhy.cl