For 5 professional days of education you will enjoy a free meeting, aimed at strengthening scientific skills and new ways of teaching, called "Science is of tod@s, dare to live it", which will be held between Monday, January 13 and Friday, January 17, 2020, at Rancho el Añil, located in San José de Maipo, Metropolitan region.

Since 1995 the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT, developed the Explora program in each region, with the aim of promoting a scientific culture among citizens, fostering understanding of the environment, Curiosity and scientific thinking.

In this sense, year after year the Explora program of each region holds meetings called Science Camps for all teachers, where it seeks to strengthen the competencies of education professionals, through scientific and technological tools that add value to the educational community.

That's why, from Explora RM North we are pleased to invite all kindergarten educators, basic and middle education, school managers and support staff, of any of the 17 communes that make up the PAR Explora RM North: Lo Barnechea, Ñuñoa, Providence, Pudahuel, Quilicura, Recoleta, Renca, Santiago, Tiltil, Vitacura, Hill, Conchalí, Huechuraba, Independencia, The Queen, Lampa and Las Condes to enjoy five adrenaline-fuelled days, science and new ways of teaching.

You can participate! Enjoy the free exchange and learning to be held between Monday, January 13 and Friday, January 17, 2020 at Rancho el Añil, located in San José de Maipo, Metropolitan region. Applications for selection are open until Monday, December 9
Cheer up!

Dare to live the science

Organizing committee will select 50 kindergarten educators, teachers, UTP executives and/or directors, who meet the foundations of application (See application bases), which will be reported on Monday 16 December the PAR exploram website.

Selected teachers will enjoy full food during the program, Lodging, accident and transfer insurance. They will also have different learning exchange activities with students and leading ambassadors of science, exhibition of innovative initiatives and projects in pedagogy, discussion and socialization of peer-to-peer experiences and strategies, among other theoretical-practical activities.

"We seek that participating teachers are not only those in subjects related to science, but other specialties are also involved as a history, Language, Philosophy, the goal is diversity and being an agent of change for students" reported the project director PAR Explora RM Norte, Mario Chiong.