Throughout the month of August let's commemorate the "Month of Heart", celebration that involves a set of activities that seeks to promote healthy lifestyles and protective factors for cardiovascular diseases in the population.

In Chile, cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death, accounting for about a third of all deaths in the country. Nationwide, 34 people die per 100.000 inhabitants for acute myocardial infarction and 31 people per 100.000 inhabitants by other hypertensive diseases.

Among the activities organized by ACCDIS are:

Information campaign on the latest and most important investigations: Through informative capsules, our ACCDIS researchers will tell and explain one of their research in the most influential area of cardiovascular health. They will be published on our channel Youtube.

Infographics: Through the scientific advice of our researchers we will explain curious and scientific facts about heart diseases.

Contest "Taking care of my heart": Through a contest on accdis social networks, we seek to create an ambassador community of good healthy habits, which translates into prevention of chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

For more information go to here.

On the other hand, through our Explora Metropolitan Region we will develop a talk on "The dangerous relationship between cardiovascular disease and COVID-19" next Thursday, August 26 from 18:30 hours, where our ACCIDIS Dra researchers will participate. Sandra Cortes and Dr. Valentina Parra. In addition, dr will attend. Juan Carlos Prieto, Cardiologist from the University of Chile and Dra. Susan Good, Immunologist at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

We invite the whole community to celebrate with us and be ambassadors of healthy habits, for a better quantity and quality of life Let's take care of the heart!