Micro RNA

Inflammation and microRNAs Core Facility
Directors Alejandro Corvalan, Lissette Leyton

Coding and noncoding expression arrays provide an excellent system for biomarker discovery in cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal tumors. This facility will provide profiling services for custom set genes or off-the-shelf preassembled panels along with profiling on a comprehensive collection of more than 700 human, as well as murine miRNAs derived from miRBase for all six groups of ACCDiS. The laboratory analysis will begin with RNA or microRNA, provided by investigators, and produce scan data (microarrays) along with quality control data. These data will be available via password-protected accounts accessible through this website. Biostatistical support will be available at the facility to educate investigators about approaches and tools for microarray data analysis. Assistance with concepts and software related to image analysis, statistical methods, clustering, supervised learning and other aspects of microarray data analysis will be offered.