Animal Facilities

Directors: Mario Chiong and Hugo Verdejo

Functional & Experimental Animal Core Facility
The primary function of the Animal Facilityis to provide ACCDiSinvestigators with housing and instruments to perform cancer and cardiovascular related experiments in animal models, in compliance with the highest scientific and ethical principles. This facility includes:

a) Animal housing room: This areacomprises a dedicated area for normal and transgenic mice.
b) Procedure room: This room provides a fully equipped Operating Room for small animals (mice and rats).
c) Echography:A multipurpose ultrasound suitable for examination of the heart and other organs examination is available in the procedure room.
d) Ex vivo procedure room: The facility includes a room for post mortem procedures of sacrificed animals. Within this space we expect to install a fully equipped Langendorff perfused heart preparation and a termoregulated bath for aortic rings assays.
e) Veterinary care: This facility includes a veterinary staff in charge of administrative and care functions.