The Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDiS) announces an opening for the position as Executive director of the center. The ideal candidate should have a strong scientific background (ideally a PhD in the Biomedical area) and excellent communication skills. The Executive Director duties will include managing the center, coordinating numerous internal and external activities, leading the outreach and press communication program, linking the center to national research institutions, promoting innovation, communicating with the clinical community and, importantly, establishing contacts with the private sector. Ideally, the Executive Director will attract research grants and other income, from a variety of sources. In these activities, the Executive director will be assisted by a central office with two permanent staff members. Interested applicants should file a short letter of interest indicating why they feel qualified for the position, a detailed CV and three letters of support by the 28th february 2017. Send your application to

More information regarding ACCDiS is available at the website