Massive sequencing technologies, they have been widely used in the research of various types of cancer, the use of micro‐arreglos and libraries of RNA sequencing platforms (RNA‐SEQ) they have become quickly popular, as a result, the information and data that exists today about cancer has increased considerably. Today, more than ever, It is critical to have the computer skills and knowledge of available specific bioinformatics resources to this chronic disease.

CORE Biodata (, with the support of the Centre advanced from chronic (, He has developed this theoretical-practical workshop covering concepts and key bioinformatics tools to analyze genomic data (Transcriptomic) cancer.

The workshop is composed of theoretical sessions during the morning of Friday, November 18 (30 spots) and a practice session during the afternoon of the same day (15 quotas).

The theoretical sessions of the workshop registration are open, without registration deadline, until available quotas.

Nominations for the session practice the workshop will receive up to November 9, 2016. Notification to these nominations will be sent via email during November 11.

Value practice sessions: CLP$ 50.000. ‐

Lugar: Faculty of medicine, Casa central of the Pontifical University Catholic of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

Date: Friday, November 18, 2016.