Durante la mañana del lunes 3 de octubre se realizó el evento “Vivamos Sanos, mobilize you against obesity"organized by ACCDiS in conjunction with the faculties of dentistry and chemical sciences and pharmaceutical of the University of Chile. This activity was aimed at students of secondary education, in order to raise awareness about obesity, its effects and preventive measures. En esta oportunidad participaron más de 110 asistentes, including students from the high schools polyvalent President José Manuel Balmaceda and San Francisco de Quito's independence, the Liceo Domingo Ortiz De Rozas of Illapel and Liceo Rafael Sanhueza Lizardi of Recoleta.

The day took place in the premises of the Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences and began with a North Campus career fair, with stands informative of the careers of the Faculty of Sciences chemical and pharmaceutical, Faculty of medicine, Faculty of dentistry, In addition to the garden University of the Faculty of dentistry "Chakana".

12-1Then, held the opening ceremony which was welcomed by Dr. Alejandro Corvalan, Principal Researcher of ACCDiS, In addition to the words of the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences, Prof. Javier Puente, the Dean of the school of dentistry, Prof. Jorge Gamonal, and the Director of the Regional EXPLORE associative project, Prof. Elia Soto. It should be noted the performance of Gustavo Monasterio, Dentistry Ph.d. student, who interpreted two songs together with his group of music.

After completed the opening ceremony gave the go to the lectures starting with "history, Food and health", of the Prof. Cesar Leyton, Curator of the National Museum of the school of dentistry, followed "learning it to make healthy choices" of the Prof. Nalda Romero of engineering in food, and it ended with the "obesity Conference; all the days of my life", of the Prof. Andrea Huidobro, Research of the ACCDIS.

This event is framed in those works that ACCDiS performs in joint with the faculties host of the project, in order to maintain contact between his research interests, and society, looking for that their applications can contribute to improve the quality of life and raise awareness about important issues such as childhood obesity.

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