Organizing institutions: Center advanced chronic disease (ACCDiS ) in conjunction with the University of Chile, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the UC Center for research in Oncology (CITO) and the Center studies molecular cell (CEMC).

Date and place: between September 7-9, 2016, in Rosa Agustina Conference Resort, Olmué, V region, Chile.



  • Registration and submission of abstracts: until Monday 11 July 2016, at 12:00 (noon).
  • Response of formal acceptance of the work: from Friday 22 July 2016.

Other guests (not pre-registered)

Notice: Monday, July 25, date of closure for registration and abstract submission.


Abstracts should be WRITTEN COMPLETELY IN ENGLISH and they must adhere to the instructions for the Presentación of Resúmenes that are given below:

Instructions (ACSS), 2016 Congress Abstracts Write the summary in Word format. The abstract content and title must be in English. The title should contain no more than 700 characters including spaces. The author list should remain limited to no more than 10 authors and indicate their affiliations. The abstract body should contain no more than 1500 characters including spaces. Also, funding acknowledgements must be included within this space allocation. Nota Bene – the 1500 characters of the abstract body need NOT include title, authors and affiliations”.

Those interested in participating in this event should follow the following steps:

A. Formalizing the registration process: by entering your personal details and respective summaries in the platform available on the website of the event)WW.accdis.CL.).
B. Coordination of stay (for not pre-registered): directlye calling Rosa Agustinas, values for the program are as follows: Single: $207.900, Double: $144.900 and Triple: $136.500

Limited vacancies: Total 150 quotas (pre-registered 100 50 additional quotas)


For questions and comments contact is to the contact communications @accdis. CL, Phone: 562 2 9781693.


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