Knowledge and experiences shared during the seminar “Metabolic dysfunction in heart failure (Metabolic dysfunction in heart failure)” together with Daan Westenbrink

Within the cycle of seminars on cardiovascular diseases ACCDIS 2018, on Thursday July 5 held a meeting with Daan Westenbrink MD, PhD cardiologist / clinical pharmacist of the Department of Experimental cardiology at Groningen.

The seminar presented the highlights of 40 years of translational cardiovascular research at the University of Groningen, Thus he also presented new insights into the link between heart failure and cancer, the metabolic control of cardiac hypertrophy and the potential application of clinical cardiology of artificial intelligence.

In a space for conversation and questions from the floor, Westenbrink unveiled the main advances in the Groningen team are concentrated, In addition to the main topic of today: Metabolic dysfunction in heart failure, showing methodologies and important findings that allow the continuation of the studies on cardiovascular disease.
The topics of research on those who seek to deepen will be Cardio-Oncology. study of in-vitro diseases and integrate Big Data through deep learning.

Additionally it was announced the creation of the doctoral program jointly by the University of Chile and the University of Groningen in Biomedical Sciencess, which will begin its activities the first half of 2019, opening his call at the end of this year for those seeking study program.

This approach with the University of Groningen is a first step to more projections of joint work either in research and study programs, ¨Queremos establish a close collaboration between the area of Cardiology of ACCDiS and the societies of cardiology at the University of Groningen to do joint research and projects and promoting the training and specialization of students of way also conjunta¨ says the Doctor Sergio Lavandero, Director of ACCDiS