Public Health Undersecretariat advisor and ACCDIS researcher, talked about the recent report that the Sinovac vaccine is 67% effective.

Last week, research indicated that Vaccine Sinovac has 67% efficiency in Chile.

In Tomorrow will be another day we talked to Rafael araos, adviser to the Undersecretariat for Public Health and author of the investigation, Sinovac Chile.

To start the conversation, Araos said this project “showed good news”.

Research author Sinovac Chile, answered about what the next vaccination processes will be. On this he said that thanks to initiatives like these “we have the ability to follow the effect of vaccines and evaluate annual or third dose vaccinations”.

At the same time, the researcher at the University of Development, Rafael araos, comet that “we hope that with the new data, more people start to get vaccinated”.

He finally said, that studies will continue to be done and that it hopes that “by the end of the year we can have more information on the future of vaccines”.

New variants

Last week the first case of the South African variant of Covid-19 was confirmed in our country. This is in addition to the strains that were already present in national lands such as Brazilian or British.

Rafael Araos was consulted on the effectiveness of the Sinovac vaccine against these new variants. The expert said that “The Sinovac vaccine, theoretically, could be effective against new variants”.

At the same time, refuted the rumor that vaccines of European origin, like Pfizer, are more effective against covid.

“There is no evidence to say that European vaccines are better than Chinese vaccines”, Rafael Araos added, UDD researcher and author of Sinovac Chile report.

New vaccines

Chile leads vaccination within the continent. This is due to the wide range of vaccines available in our country, which highlights the Sinovac, Pfizer, etc.

However, Rafael araos, talked about the arrival of the AstraZenca vaccine, a dose that has caused controversy. About this he said that “you have to have peace of mind with the AstraZeneca vaccine. It has been used in millions of people”.

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