ACCDiS is a research center in priority areas of the FONDAP initiative of the National Agency for Research and Development ANID, composed of academics from the University of Chile and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. It aims to understand and prevent chronic noncommunicable diseases, with particular emphasis on the study of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

One of ACCDiS' main missions is to be a national and international benchmark in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on chronic diseases. For this purpose, a new contest of "Transversal Projects ACCDiS" is called aimed at associate researchers and collaborators of the Center, that were not previously awarded a cross-cutting project, and who are interested in developing collaborative research between two or more of the following priority lines of research of the center.

The postulated project must be focused on the following priority research topics established by the Center:

  • Omic (microbiomes and others) for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • Long COVID-19 its relationship with chronic diseases
  • Molecular imaging and targeting for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • Interrelationship between liver diseases, cardiovascular and cancer

The awarded project will have an execution period of one year, no possibility of extension. At the end of the year, the person in charge of the project is expected to present to the Academic Council of ACCDiS the results or advances in the research. The project begins upon receipt of the official award email from the Central Office of the Center.

The maximum fund to be delivered is: $15.000.000.- (Fifteen million pesos). By 2021, funds will be awarded for a project.


Submit Completed Application Form in PDF.

Letter of commitment of participation signed by all Project participants.


All the projects they apply will be sent to the Vice-Rectories for Research of both host universities, who will evaluate the projects according to the following factors:

Evaluation factors Weighting
Scientific quality 40%
Relevance 15%
Novelty of the proposal 15%
Participation of research associates, collaborators and human capital in training. 15%
Degree of transversality of the project (number of lines of research involved) 15%

To qualify each factor, the following scale will be used:

Score Category Definition
0 to 0,9 Does Not Qualify The proposal does not meet/address the criteria under analysis or cannot be evaluated due to lack of background or incomplete information.
1 to 1,9 Deficient The proposal does not adequately meet/addresses aspects of the criterion or there are serious inherent deficiencies.
2 to 2,9 Regular The proposal broadly meets/addresses aspects of the criterion, but there are significant shortcomings.
3 to 3,9 Well The proposal meets/addresses aspects of the criterion in a good way, although some improvements are required.
4 to 4,9 Very good The proposal meets/addresses aspects of the criterion in a very good way, even if certain improvements are possible.
5 Excellent The proposal fulfils/addresses in an outstanding manner all relevant aspects of the criterion in question. Any weakness is very minor.

The projects with the highest score will be those awarded.


Deadline for receiving applications: Friday, October 15, 2021, 00:00 HRS.


Direct your application to Director Center ACCDiS, electronically

More information or here