On July 5 was held at the Municipal Theater of Molina a new activity called "antimicrobial resistance: the role of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics". In it, Dr. Rafael araos, Member of the team which carried out the study population MAUCO, He addressed the proper use of antibiotics, the role of modern medicine and how taking care of them that continue to play their role for as long as possible.

The event was attended by more than 100 people from the town of Molina, those who were very interested in the topic of discussion. "They participated actively and asked many questions. It was noted that there was great interest in knowing a little more about the importance of antibiotics", said Rafael Araos.

Consulted by upcoming events that will be the cohort MAUCO in his work of educating the community molinense, Araos pointed out that "the activities that we will make in the future will be related to evaluation of the first two talks, We will try to do a third talk for people who reaches attend, but the idea is to also move forward in research group activities".

Then check the photo gallery which left this important talk: