New Ph.d. from the University of Chile, Dr. Samuel Martínez Meza, He made his thesis under the direction of the principal investigators of ACCDiS, Dres. Sergio Lavandero and Andrew Quest

Work, called "study of the anti-metastatic potential of the receiver AT2 as blocker of tumor cell migration" explores the relationship between that component of the cardiovascular system in the development of metastasis. This element is, In addition, a recipient of blood pressure.

In this respect, Dr. Martinez, who is also an engineer in Molecular biotechnology of the U. of Chile, I point out that "AT2R is a protein that prevents that there is an excessive increase of blood pressure, but we saw that also plays a very important role to prevent metastasis, When activated in the context of cancer".

"The AT2R protein is expressed in the early stages of human development. Then it disappears in adulthood, left alone in some cells of the heart, kidneys, ovaries, testicles. But, When a normal cell becomes a cancer cell, This protein reappears. Apparently, is as follows to prevent the development of cancer or, in the case of wounds, to promote the process of healing and inflammation", added Dr. Martinez.

Within this doctoral research, It was possible to determine that in some types of cancer--which is sobrexpresa caveolin 1- When activated the AT2R protein decreases metastasis. This suggests that both activation and regulation of it can slow its spread, fact that could serve future to think about therapies that can treat simultaneously cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Asked about his plans for the future, the brand new PhD in molecular biotechnology commented that "I would like to continue working in inside research in biomedicine", get an application within this area that improves the health of people, or perhaps a therapy that prevents the emergence of diseases", completed.