About ACCDiS


Since 2013, the Advanced Chronic Diseases Center has been established (ACCDiS ) as part of a national programme to boost research in priority areas. This initiative brings together scientists and experts in epidemiology and public health, who work hard in transdisciplinary research and advanced human resources training in chronic diseases.

After 6 years in operation, ACCDiS is recognized by the Chilean society as a high-profile research center for the study of cancer and cardiovascular disease, allowing scientific experts to participate in the formation of public health policies, issues of national interest and dissemination of science in the Chilean community.


Consolidate, in the next 5 years, as a centre of advanced research relating research and training of advanced human resources specialized in chronic diseases, analyzing the two main problems of health for the population: cancer and cardiovascular diseases, to deliver relevant information both for prevention as a treatment as well as the reflection of public policy with respect to health".


Be national and international reference in transdisciplinary research and training of human resources in chronic diseases, through the creation of expertise on the genetic elements, environmental and social which determine the development of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, providing prevention and treatment alternatives to influence health proposals and have a positive impact on the health of the people.


  • Excellence in the development of research and knowledge generation for influencing the health of the population.
  • Integrity as a guarantee of ethics and responsibility in their work.
  • For the accuracy of the information to spread and transparency in the management of resources allocated to actions of the Center.
  • Responsibility in the research of chronic diseases, incorporating the needs of the population.
  • Collaboration, promoting team work and promote the work of specialists in various subjects, and with public health decision makers.

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Members ACCDiS

ACCDiS currently consists of 246 people working in the 6 lines of research, MAUCO project and two support units. Each line of study, is led by a lead researcher and 21 associate researchers in total.

The ACCDiS organization also includes an administrative office, Academic Council, Innovation Committee, International Scientific Committee and a National Advisory Committee, regularly visit the Centre to make recommendations and improve the functioning of ACCDiS.

Equipo ACCDiS