This Saturday was the second national March for science and knowledge. Motivated by the lack of financing, lack of gender equity, the need to generate a plan for the inclusion of researchers that is long term and the lack of interest by the Government to create a Ministry of science and technology, they joined this international call and marched from the Museum of fine arts to the plaza de la Constitución. The participants included researchers from the ecological society of, Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology society of Chile and Chile's society of Microbiology (Dr. Ramiro Bustamante, Dr. Claudio Veloso, Dr. Pablo Sabat, Dr. Jorge Babul, Dr. Brave Fernando and Dr. Nicolas Guiliani, among others).

"We have been asking for this for 10 years and today again we are demanding exactly the same", said Carolina Gainza, spokeswoman for the Association of Arts and Humanities. Cristian Undurraga, Coordinator of the March, He noted that "this year we are many more than last year". It is estimated that 4,500 people and 5000 nationwide took part in Santiago. Increasingly more groups joined and altogether has been generating an important request. So if you do a balance, the March by science and knowledge was a success.

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