The capacity to receive, order, process, packaging and interpreted thousands of data derived from different studies is one of the qualities of this branch of knowledge that mixes with the life sciences computing.
Bioinformatics is a combination of disciplines that is characterized by attaching the computer engineering with certain needs of modern biological research.
This emerging branch of knowledge has the aim and peculiarity of applying methods and computational algorithms, statistical and mathematical ordering processes, processing and packaging that facilitate the handling and interpretation of biological data.
An example of highly dependent on Bioinformatics discipline is Genomics.
Vinicius Maracajá Coutinho, PhD in Bioinformatics of the Center for advanced studies of chronic diseases (ACCDiS ), He points out that, in this context, Bioinformatics is responsible for processing a massive amount of data generated in the process of decoding of the genetic material, delivering valuable information that facilitates the biological interpretation of the data obtained.
According to Maracajá Coutinho, the scope of Bioinformatics are multiple, and its benefits can be deployed within different areas of exact and natural sciences.
"Within the scope, for example, It is the link that is generated with the area of biomedicine, Since it serves as a powerful tool of molecular modeling, where 3D models of different proteins can be and thus, experiment and hypothesiz their possible interactions with other molecules. On the other hand, in the area of genetics, it also has a significant impact, Since it allows to process and tabulate thrown by massive studies of genome information, among others", explains. The expert adds that, at the same time, There is a whole area of bioinformatics that is linked with the development of software and databases for interpreting biological information. This is achieved by applying systems biology, among other types of approaches of Big Data, It serves for information of value in a set of mass data derived from DNA sequencing, RNA or proteins. "For example, We can re analyze hundreds of thousands of public studies associated with different types of diseases and, by integrating these data, We would have to identify potential biomarkers candidates for heart disease. This would also help us to understand how is the role of these molecules in the regulation and maintenance of the system", points.
Consideration of the investigator, Chile is still in its infancy in terms of bioinformatics, However, Maracajá-Coutinho highlights that it is something natural, Since it is a topic that, little by little, It has been taking preponderance in certain countries, within which highlights Brazil as an example in South America. "I think increasingly is more advanced, and although we are still far from countries which comprise the relevance and usefulness of this branch of knowledge, I have my set expectations that scientific and civil society will be informing about bioinformatics, and understanding how this can help in many fields of science and priority areas for the country, as the mining industry, aquaculture, Agriculture and health", indicates. Now well, the academic says that you to make progress on the matter, It is necessary that there are more graduate programs in Bioinformatics. In this sense, Maracajá-Coutinho is a good way to begin to meet this "unfinished" incorporating the notion that greater specialization is necessary.
Vinicius Maracajá-Coutinho said that bioinformatics will be taking greater preponderance and implication on different important areas for industry and academic research that develops in the country. Stop that, It is necessary that different undergraduate and graduate programs in different areas of the natural sciences pass to integrate the discipline more frequently in their programs. "If you want to be a competitive country internationally, developing new biotech products which contribute to priority areas, It is expected that the bioinformatics go taking greater preponderance and implication on different important areas for industry and research that takes place in the country", points