At the beginning of this week the National Congress gave approval to the creation of the Ministry of science, technology, knowledge and innovation, through the 21,105 law creates this institution and the law that aims to establish a general framework that structures, impulse, coordinate and promote the activities of science, Humanities and technology development at all stages in order to contribute to sustainable development and social welfare.

Once published in the official journal, action taken on 13 August, the process establishes that it will be the President, within the period of one year, who will issue the decree that the date of operation to the Ministry.

For ACCDiS this news opens the possibility of continuing the work that has been promoting with outstanding researchers from major universities in the country, now with the backing and the institutionalization of a Ministry that impulse and contribute to the development of science in Chile.

"Now have a Ministry makes science an own institutional, so those who are as organizations researching and contributing to science, We have access to funds and opportunities under an independent look." – Dr. Valentina Parra, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas y Farmacéuticas, University of Chile.

The Dra. Parra also as researcher ACCDiS said: "ACCDiS works in areas of study, that in health are priority issues for the country, to the extent that we are able to go redefining and arguing at the level of society on what are the priorities in science in the country, then we will have clearer investment opportunities. ¨

As Research Center we will be expectantly to the creation of the Ministry so that our research work on chronic diseases and thus continue providing alternatives for prevention and treatment caused by them in our population.

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The Minister Secretary General of the Presidency, Gonzalo Blümel, together with the President of the Council of CONICYT, Dr. Mario Hamuy, they greet each other after the approval of the Ministry of science, Technology, Knowledge and innovation.

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